XLS Medical Fat Binder Review

The quest for an effective fat-blasting health supplement

xls medical fat binderI’m the kind of woman who loves a hearty dish for dinner. I believe food is about pleasure and satisfaction and to deny this is to fool myself. This predilection for fatty—but delicious foods increased my BMI getting it to 24, that was when I realized it was time to stop playing around and get serious about losing weight.

I’ve never before had a weight issue as I have been lucky enough to easily metabolize energy and retain my weight at normal levels. However, at 36 things got a bit rusty and my metabolism was at the time evidently more sluggish.

Another thing you don’t know about me is that I’m a perfectionist, I visited a professional dietician, got myself a diet regime and started running 3 times a week. Although I did lose 2.3 kg in about 20 days, I wanted more. I wanted to be able to eat normally while at the same time I could continue losing weight.

Naturally, I turned to the health supplement market to find a solution that could promote my fat burning goals, one that would encourage fat loss without requiring me to starve myself off.

The confounding options available

Fat binders, appetite suppressants, carb-blockers, fat burners, slimming pills and cleansers, you realize that to my great disappointment (and utter bewilderment) I was at loss in view of the sheer amount of health supplements.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of having such a large array of options to choose from, but it makes the actual choosing pretty hard. Do I need xls medical fat binder or a herbal appetite suppressant, or some Green Tea toxin cleansing extract?

The solution

After an insane amount of time spend on researching different slimming supplements and reading forums where slimmers discussed their own experience, I’ve concluded that what I needed was xls fat binder, a health supplement that prevents fat absorption.

Does xls medical work?

XLS medical fat binder is not a solve-all-your-weight-issues kind of supplement. It’s a targeted, localized fat binder recommended for people with a BMI larger than 18.5 and an inclination to eat fatty foods, and with their weight increase largely caused by fat-laden foods.

I’m saying this because if your weight issues stem from  a sluggish metabolism XLS Medical won’t help in anyway. And it’s not because it’s ineffective—quite the contrary-It’s just that your weight gain issue is not a fat-binding one.

As I said, XLS Medical is a great slimming aid for people who tend to have increased fat portions, because that’s what it’s great at, binding consumed fat, preventing it from being stored in your body.

It’s also incredibly helpful in case you’re suffering from these constant food cravings that ruin all attempts to eat healhily and stop snaking. XLS is suppressing appetite really good, that what I felt after several days on this supplement.

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Expected Results (plus an insight into mine)

XLS Medical fat binder is supported by clinical trials and unlike most health supplements I thoroughly researched, its claims are modest, truthful and science-grounded.

XLS Medical fat binder contains Litramine, a herbal patented fibre complex from the Opuntia Ficus Indica cactus plant.

Litramine has been extensively researched and numerous studies shared one single verdict, it has the ability to bind fat in the stomach, inhibit it from being absorbed. In fact, studies pointed out that XLS Medical’s fat binding ingredient Litramine, reduces the absorption of fat by 27%.

In other words, it spares you 1/3 of the fat consumed which in a fat and calorie restricting diet this can substantially boost your weight loss goals.

My weight loss journey with XLS fat binder

First Week. Or as I call it adjustment week. My weight didn’t badge, I was slightly disappointed but decided to go on.

Second Week. I was already 0.8 kg lighter, confidence soaring already. The main effects I noticed on this stage is a feeling of satiety.

Third Week. Exercised more in terms of days and duration, Lost an additional 1.2kg. That’s a progress, plus much less food cravings.

Fourth Week. Minor slips, with French fries and pizzas at a friend’s house, lost an extra 0.3kg though.

Fifth week. Kept on with exercise routine and restricted fat by an additional 10%, my dietician made a few dinner adjustments. Lost 0.7 kg.

Week Sixth to Twelfth. Took XLS medical according to the instructions, 4 pills per meals. Noticed it’s much easier to stick to more healthy diet since my cravings gone for good now. Getting on some tasties from time to time, but that’s rare now and the fat in my tummy area gets srinking a bit. Overall weight loss is 6 kilos during these weeks.

xls medical weight loss results

My actual results with XLS fat binder and healthy eating can be seen on this picture.

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By the end of the eleventh week of using XLS fat binder I decided it was time to stop using it as I managed to lose a total of 9kg which was more than satisfactory for me. Today, I am wearing two sizes smaller dresses, I feel my body slimmer and my confidence allows me to no longer be that self-conscious of my weight.

Occasionally, when I feel I’m starting to re-load on the kilos, I take XLS Medical and follow a calorie and fat restricted diet to get my weight back to where I want it. Usually within two months, I get back in shape. Mind you however that I do run 3 times a week, 4 km per run.

The verdict

This XLS Medical review is an effort to give you an informed description of the product with no intention to promise you anything beyond the supplement’s capacity. I’ve personally used XLS Medical and I’m pleased to recommend it as an efficient fat binding supplement that helped me lose 9kg within 11 weeks.

Should you be interested in reading more xls medical weight loss reviews you’ll soon realize that customers’ opinions differ considerably. This happens because, as I previously have said, people use it with the wrong dieting or no proper dieting at all.

XLS medical fat binder is not supposed to boost your metabolism, it only efficiently binds fat in the stomach inhibiting its absorption and storage in the body and also reduces your appetite. This is enough to help you start losing weight as it really helped me and other men and women I talked to on forums.

XLS Medical is available from the online official website as well as major pharmacists like Boots. I personally purchased it from Chemist Direct as I found the supplier to offer much more affordable deals on XLS medical.

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