Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Work?

Most XLS Medical Fat Binder reviews I’ve come across are either inconclusive or they’re too much hype but no grounded arguments. After thorough research and analysis of scientific studies and trials associated with XLS Medical’s ingredients I’ve come to my own conclusions. If you’re like me, needing evidence to believe, this review might be useful.

What XLS Medical Fat Binder is?

For those not aware of XLS Medical’s function, this is a fat binder supplement that contributes in weight loss and management by preventing fat absorption in the body by up to 27%. Using a patented fibre complex called Litramine™ and enriched with Vitamins A, D, and E, it contributes in a person losing three times more weight than they would if they were to only follow a restricted-calorie diet.

How does it help you lose weight?

litramineLitramine is the main ingredient of XLS medical fat binder that does all the hard work. Litramine, derived from the opuntia ficus indica plant, is a natural fibre complex that attracts and binds fat preventing its absorption in the body. This evidently allows the person taking XLS medical to lose weight as their actual fat intake is crucially diminished.

Litramine is manufactured by Inqpharm and has been thoroughly examined in clinical studies to verify its fat blocking capacity. In a study were 2gr of opuntia extract were given to subjects has shown that the fat absorption for them in contrast to the control group was 28.3% smaller. The extract present in XLS medical fat binder partially (approx 28%) incapacitates the bioavailability of fat, the study concluded.

In another clinical trial by Grube B.{1} and others, Litramine was tested for its efficiency and safety to help obese people lose weight. The results showed that in contrast to only exercising and dieting, Litramine significantly boosted the weight loss process.

Although not its primary goal, XLS Medical thanks to Litramine’s water-absorbing capacity it also assists in suppressing one’s appetite. As XLS Medical interacts with other fat in the stomach, it allows LItramine to bind to fat, the result is that a gel-like substance is developed which is large enough in size to make you experience satiety and most importantly, prevent the bound fat from being absorbed in the small intestine.

how xls medical works

Another study contrasted how different fat binding ingredients react with fat-containing foods like mayo and butter. The results were positive as in all trials, Litramine was found to have higher fat binding rates than all the other ingredients across all food types. The study can be accessed here.

The studies and claims I’ve researched indicate XLS Medical’s efficiency. However, I understand these are not enough studies and the claims not strongly supported—or at least not as firmly supported as I would like. Nonetheless, they do confirm its fat binding capacity and in association with my own personal experience with it, I can corroborate its fat blocking performance and weight loss contribution.

XLS slimming supplement can be bought from the official website, or local pharmacists like Boots. I choose to buy mine from Chemist Direct as I found their pricing and deals more attractive.

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