XLS Medical VS Alli

Alli and XLS Medical fat binders are among the most popular fat binding supplements out there. From personal experience I felt that people often have trouble deciding which one to choose as their effectiveness seems to be rather identical. This review has been written to help you make an informed choice about which suits you best, rather than go mindlessly with the hype.


XLS Medical fat binder is slimming tablets supplement that binds to fat and prevents as much as 27% of the fat consumed to enter your body. The bound fat is naturally excreted with normal bowel movement. It’s main ingredient is Litramine™ a natural fibre patented complex which is gentle and very well tolerated by the stomach.

On the other hand, Alli is also a fat absorbing blocker that works efficiently only within a low calorie diet and a methodically healthy lifestyle. The emphasis on an active, health-promoting lifestyle as a prerequisite for Alli to help you lose weight is rather crucial.

The Shared Benefits

As fat binders, both Alli and XLS Medical are relatively much safer than other slimming tablets. That is, they solely target fat absorption, how the stomach handles fat, leaving your metabolism and other body functions at peace, significantly sparing you the health hazards associated with appetite suppressants and fat burning pills.

In a glance Alli and XLS Medical

  • Bind gastrointestinal fat (part of it) making it impossible for your body to digest it
  • XLS Medical binds up to 27% of consumed fat, while Alli helps block up to 26-27% of fat
  • Both are clinically supported, Alli’s main ingredient Orlistat has been thoroughly investigated
  • XLS Medical has numerous studies too on its efficacy and safety of use
  • They provide extensive supporting material like dieting plans, informative articles and actual customer support through forums, diet plans etc.
  • Alli helps you lose 50% more weight than you’d do normally, while
  • XLS Medical makes you lose 3 times the weight you’d with dieting alone

The dark side you should be aware of

alliAlli works. It just it has a series of prerequisites that unless strictly followed it can take a toll on you.

The requirements range from expected, common-sense ones, like following a low calorie diet and exercising regularly, to more demanding and rather frustrating ones constantly counting your calories so that you make sure you don’t overdo it with fat— you cannot possibly receive more than 30% of your total calorie intake from fat, it will lead to unpleasant side effects (see below).

Alli is not a natural fat binder like XLS Medical is. It uses Orlistat, a known chemical compound which prevents fat absorption in the stomach and has been used in increased doses in obesity treatment supplements like Xenical. Although the doze of Orlistat in Alli (60mg) is half that of Xenical (120mg), many are those who complain and rather condemn Alli as it might:

  • Cause diarrhea or loose and frequent emptying
  • Oil spotting or anal leakage that cannot be controlled or withheld
  • Flatulence and gas with discharges
  • It might lead to A, D and E vitamins deficiency as it doesn’t compensate for the non-absorption of these.
  • Exacerbation of these side effects if fat exceeds the 30% limit of calories coming from fat

The sensible alternative to Alli

XLS Medical Fat Binder is a much wiser weight loss option for the following reasons:

  • Natural ingredients that are as effective as the chemical ones (Orlistat), minus the unpleasant and embarrassing treatment effects.
  • Compensates for the non-absorption of A, D and E vitamins by including them in the tablets of XLS fat binder.
  • Extensively studied as these trials and these efficacy studies show.
  • Studied for its tolerability and safety, concluding how it is both gentle and well-tolerated.
  • It’s main ingredient Litramine is a registered medical device Class LLB.

It additionally promotes satiety, as 8 out of 10 patients treated with XLS reported an increased feeling of fullness.

Making informed, conscious choices rather than being driven by hype or emotional urges is pivotal. Knowing the difference between Alli and XLS Medical fat binder can help you make a mindful, beneficial choice and lose weight naturally, safely and above all, effectively. Based on the abovementioned facts and research, I consider XLS Medical Fat Binder to be the best fat binding choice.

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