XLS Medical VS Proactol

Fat binders are gaining popularity these days as more people opt for the least intrusive or compromising weight loss supplement that can safely help them achieve their weight loss goals. So far so good. Fat binders or fat inhibitors as they’re called, contribute to weight loss by inhibiting fat absorption.

Although most of the fat binders available today follow the same process, attaching themselves to fat present in the stomach, forming a viscous substance that makes it impossible to digest, they spare our bodies unwanted fat. However, some use natural ingredients while others don’t, or some have notoriously negative side effects while other are well tolerated. So which is which?

A Brief Overview

proactolProactol is a fat binding supplement that inhibits fat absorption by 28%. It is a Class I registered medical device and its presence as a weight loss supplement verifies the effectiveness and long-term satisfaction of Proactol users. Its ingredients and safety for use have been scrupulously researched and its performance repetitively confirmed since it first hit the market back in 2007.

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xls fat binderXLS Fat Binder, although a relatively recent addition to the growing fat inhibitor supplement list, is attracting unusually increased attention by celebrities, clients and the health and fitness industry more generally.


XLS Medical at a glance:

  • Blocks fat absorption by up to 27%
  • It uses a registered, Classs LLB medical device, Litramine™
  • Litramine, the main fat binder ingredient has been comprehensively studied for its efficiency.
  • Available as OTC medicine making it a widely available and trusted fat binder.
  • Natural and as such well-tolerated without the nasty negative effects associated with other fat binders.
  • Apart from inhibiting fat absorption, it also boosts satiety feelings and lowers cholestorol levels.
  • Celebrity endorsement including Mica Paris and Helen Lederer.
  • Manufactured by Omega Pharma, established and successful company with presence in over 35 countries.

The Shared Weight Loss Advantages

Both products have scientific studies and trials that confirm their fat binding claims, both use ingredients or formulas derived from natural plants so the side effects from using these are virtually nonexistent.

The Catch

Proactol and XLS Medical use a fat binding formula that’s derived from the same exact plant, Opuntia Ficus Indica. So it is only expected that if one works in keeping fat away, the other will to. Both Proactol and XLS Medical are almost equal in the following aspects:

  • Fat binding performance — approx. up to 27-28%
  • Medically Proven — Different studies, yet same conclusions
  • Natural Ingredients – Both use Opuntia Ficus Indica extracts patented differently though.

As the aforementioned show, the two seem to be rather identical in terms of weight loss benefits, allowing you to lose weight by reducing your fat intake and absorption by as much as 1/3.

Pricing, availability (online/OTC), shipping costs and money-back guarantees are the only aspects they differ. Should you feel these matter, then your decision will be easier. Otherwise, both are the almost the same.

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